"2nd International Conference on Applied Chemistry"

25-28 Nov 2017


Topics will include, but not be limited to:
1- Nanotechnology and Materials Science.
2- Catalysis and Polymer Science.
3- Green and Environmental Chemistry.
4- Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
5-Organic chemistry, Biochemistry and Natural Products
6-Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.
7-Physical and Theoretical Chemistry.
8-Environmental Chemistry and Renewable Energy.
9-Industrial Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry.
10-Food and Agricultural Chemistry.
11-Chemical Education.
12-Geochemistry and Mineral Chemistry.
13- Photocatalysis and Photoelectro-chemical cells
14-Dye-Sensitized and Pervoskite solar cells


Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. El-Saghier
Advisory Board
1- Prof. Dr. Wei Zhang - USA
2- Prof. Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi - Jourdan
3- Prof. Dr.Mohamed S.Ibrahim - Egypt
4- Prof. Dr. Kamal Ibrahim - Egypt
5- Prof. Dr. Maher Hashash - Egypt
6- Prof. Dr. Abdo Othman Abdel-Hamid - Egypt
7- Prof. Dr. Gamal Abu Rahma - Egypt
8- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Gawad Zayed - Egypt
9- Prof. Dr. Wafaa Salama - Egypt
10- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Gawad Zayed - Egypt
11- Prof. Dr. Ashraf El-Bindary- Egypt
12- Prof. Dr. Yassin Hessein TemereK- Egypt
13- Prof. Dr. Adnan Ahmed Bakhit- Egypt
14- Prof. Dr. Mohamed H. Elnagdi - Egypt
15- Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Zaid - Egypt
16- Prof. Dr. Mahmoud F. Farhat - Libya
17- Prof. Dr. Josef Jampilek - Czech Republic
18-Prof. Dr.Fathalla M. El-Cheick- Egypt
19- Prof. Dr.El-Sayed El-Ashry- Egypt
20- Prof. Dr. Al-Refaay Kenawy
Organizing Committee
1-Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. El-Saghier
2- Prof. Dr. Eslam M. M. Ibrahim
3- Prof. Dr. Nagwa M. El-Sawi
4- Prof. Dr. Lobna Abdel Mohsen
5- Prof.Dr. Rafat M. A. El-Khatib
6- Dr.Alaa Yossri
7- Dr. Mohamed Ismail
8- Dr. Amer A. Amer
9- Dr. Omer M. El-Hady
10- Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Aleem
11- Dr. Ahmed M. Abodaif
12- Dr. Mohamed Khairy
13- Dr. Mohamed Fathy
14- Dr. Amera M Abdel-Rahman
15- Dr. Tarek A. Kandiel
16- Prof. Dr. Levan Chkhartishvili
17- Mr. Ali M. Ali
18- Ms. Sabrah A.Abdallah
Scientific Committee
1- Prof. Dr. Laila H. Abdel-Rahaman - Chairman
2-Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kh. Mahmoud
3-Prof. Dr.Mona M.Kamel-NRC
4-Prof. Dr.Atef Amer
5- Prof. Dr.Fathi Fahim
6-Prof. Dr.Ahmed Hussien
7-Prof. Dr.Mona AL-Attar
8-Dr. Mahmoud El-Menshawy - Faculty of Pharmacy
9- Prof. Dr. Sherin Kattab
10- Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. El-Sayed
11- Prof. Dr. Ali. M. Shaker
12- Prof. Dr. Kamal M. Sayed
13- Prof. Dr. Al-Refaay Kenawy
14- Prof. Dr. Omran Abdellah
15-Dr. Mounir A. Mohamed
16-Dr. Tarek Kandiel